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Multiple cross cutting saw

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Description Multiple crosscut saw machine equipped with different saw group, ideal to have a high production. About 1516 pieces for minute. Pictures More informations? Contact us

Board edger

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=XW83BLxBwDM Description Ideal machine for the manual edging and multi-ripping of boards (wet and dry) and planks Max passage from 800 to 1300 mm Max depth of cut  120 mm or 160 mm (optional) Min depth of cut 20 mm feed speed 90 mtmin blade… Read More »Board edger

Monoblade edger

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Description Ideal machine to cut exotic and broadleaf beams complete with parallel guide and hopper for the waste cutting lenght from 5200 to 7200 mm max depth of cut 160 mm blade motor from 18, 5 kw to 22 kw speed carriage  0-80 mtmin Pictures… Read More »Monoblade edger